January 14, 2013

Rose Avenue

Dan and I never lived in a cool neighborhood in New York Cityin fact, we lived in some of the lamest sections of Manhattanbut somehow in California, we have landed ourselves in a spot that's totally having its moment. Rose Avenue, just a few blocks from our apartment, apparently used to be so sketchy it was known as Skid Rose. Now, it's the epitome of cool with its trendy boutiques and cool eatsand yuppie backlash! (Just check out this month's Sunset magazine, and last month's LA Times story).

It's a good place to take a walk and take in the changing scenery.

Cool Discoveries:
Yoga Collective
A good studio for a sweaty yoga class, although apparently the secret is out. On the day I went, everyone's mats were practically touching in this small space.
512 Rose Avenue | Venice, CA | 310.392.2000 

Big Red Sun
A dreamy garden store devoted to exotic succulent plants and sustainable gardening materials. I loved the collection of seashells lining the wall.
560 Rose Avenue | Venice, CA | 310.433.0019

The Golden State
All the handcrafted clothing, home goods and art sold in this store are created by California artists. I'd definitely stop in if I was looking for a unique gift.
564 Rose Avenue | Venice, CA | 310.392.7800


Ara said...

Not sure if this qualifies as Rose Ave., but near the corner of Rose and Main (472 Main St.) There is a unique building with giant binoculars in front of it. After googling it, I found out the Google Venice offices are there now. It used to be a dump when I used to service that building 10 years ago.

Yvonne said...

Google has a way of making things cool!