January 22, 2013

Wine Country

Beautiful, rolling valleys. Blue skies. Tipsy bike rides. It makes sense why people come to Sonoma.

Even though it was the middle of winter, with no grapes in bloom, the town was bustling. Our friends Brad and Holly call this place home, and we were lucky to get locals' perspective of the place. On a gorgeous Saturday, we toured a couple wineries just a quick bike ride from their house.

I especially liked Scribe Winery, where we enjoyed wine and appetizers at a rustic picnic table overlooking the vineyard. Better yet was the conversation, completely relaxed and welcoming, with zero scripted wine talk from our hostess. If a bunch of your friends got together and started pressing grapes (and knew what they were doing!) this is what that place would be like. 

I also dug the artisanal quality of the wine. The winemakers see themselves as "scribes" of the land; their respect for natural, old-world methods shows. I left with an appreciation of the vintners' passion for their craft, and the pleasure of having had some very fine wine.

Scribe Winery
2300 Napa Road | Sonoma, CA | 707.939.1858
Reservations required for wine tastings.

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Willy The Prince said...

I love vineyards. Great photos