January 3, 2013

Year of action

"Do you know what our problem is?" Dan said to me one night after dinner. "We enjoy each other's company too much. We just sit at home and don't do anything interesting because we're content to just be together." (That's...sweet?)

"Don't you think that one day we will look back and think, man we should have done more?" he asked.

Quiet evenings at home are good, downtime is good, spending time together is good, but it's undeniable: We're too comfortable, and it is kind of holding us back.

That's when we came up with our theme for 2013: The Year of Action.

The Year of Action means we want to push ourselves to do more. It's about doing stuff we always say we're going to do. Basically: Stop being lazy.

Dan wants to learn how to play the bass, volunteer and play more basketball. I want to start a new blog (done!), travel often and work on my writing and photography. The idea is that we'll still have some evenings on the couch, but not entire weekends on the couch.

How's that for a resolution?

(Photo via Lists of Note)


The Weaver House said...

So cool. What a man, Woody was...

The Weaver House said...

Wake up a fight! Love it. :)

Yvonne said...

Haha, gotta start the year strong!