February 11, 2013

NYC snow day

Friday was one of those New York days that make me feel grateful to be living in Southern California. Think bitter cold, umbrella-reversing wind and frozen ice pelting you from every direction—NOT FUN! Despite a blizzard brewing outside, I was determined to get some quality time in the city before the inevitable storm hibernation set in.

First stop: Aire spa in Tribeca for a little pampering. For three satisfying hours, I soaked myself into a hot prune—in between rounds in the "Tepidarium," a saltwater pool where your limbs instantly float to the surface, and a short splash in the invigorating (and slightly horrifying) cold-water "Frigidarium." Along with an indulgent massage, the long soak was the cold weather relief I needed.
Afterwards, I headed to Mission Chinese on the Lower East Side, apparently the new hot spot in town. Even on a snow day, it was packed (New York foodies are relentless). I had heard of 2-hour long waits for dinner, but for lunch, I was seated promptly at the bar.

This is not the place to get your beef and broccoli. The menu had stuff like "stir fried pork jowl" and "Mongolian long beans." I couldn't make pig-heads or oxtails of the menu so I just pointed to the "Spicy Peanut Noodles." That may not sound so unusual, but it was unlike any Chinese dish I've ever tasted. And that was a good thing.

Not a bad way to spend a blizzard.

Aire Ancient Baths New York
88 Franklin St. | New York, NY | 212.274.3777

Mission Chinese Food
154 Orchard St. | New York, NY | 212.529.8800

(Spa image via nymag.com)

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