May 8, 2013

Angela Parker

To me, Angela Parker is the definition of a go-getter. In addition to running her successful Los Angeles-based Body Inspired Fitness boot camps (I'm obsessed!), Angela has written a book, starred in the hit MTV show Chelsea Settles and is a reoccurring guest on CBS' The Talk. In other words, this girl knows how to work it. She's the reason why I get out of bed at 5:30 in the morning. I thought her story would inspire you, too.

"I grew up with no money. I remember as a kid looking out of the van window, and I would make these strong, deep-rooted life declarations like: I will never be poor. I will never stand in line in the grocery store and not be able to buy my food. I think it creates a fire."

"[Growing up this way] I knew the things I didn't want in my life. I didn't want mediocrity. I didn't want to be passive. I didn't want to have a chance at something and miss it. I didn't want to say no when I could say yes."

"The day I did a push-up changed my life. There was something about being able to support all of my body weight that I found to be really empowering."

"I was 23 when I started my business [in 2003]. Remember those flyers with the tear-offs? That's how I started. [Someone in the industry told me] it would take a year to make money, and I said, it's going to take me 6 months. I did it in 6 months."

"I wanted [my boot camp classes] to be an environment that is just fun. No one knows how much money you make, what you drive, what you are wearing. We're all just here to work out."

"As a person who always felt left out, who didn't have money, who didn't have the right clothes, there is no accident that in the process of creating a good business model, I created this supportive, non-competitive environment. At the end of the day, that is what I am most proud of."

"I was on Chelsea Settles, the MTV show. It is amazing how no one takes your call and all of a sudden, you are on a show and you can get a meeting anywhere. I worked those meetings because I knew the minute the show was off, no one would care. I think if that is your attitude, you can't fail. The minute you think you're the shit and the minute you think it's going to last, you're fucked."

"[Being on] The Talk was pretty amazing. I have a major girl crush on Aisha Tyler. When she was talking to me, I was thinking, she's so gorgeous. Don't lick her face."

"We are all trying to change something: our mentality, our body, our life, who we hang out with, the clothes we get to wear. Nothing changes if you're comfortable; that's my motto."

>>>Bikini season is right around the corner (yikes!) Come back Friday for Angela's no-excuses plan to get into shape.

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