May 13, 2013

Los Liones Trail

After my mom died, returning to LA and trying to get back to "normal" was pretty brutal. How strange and lonely it was to feel like my world had fallen apart, and yet the cars still marched like ants on the 405, the radio played the same songs, the ocean continued to churn out waves, the sun rose and set each day.

You have no idea how grateful I was when my friend Emily reached out to me and suggested we go on a hike together. We decided to trek the Los Liones Trail to the Parker Mesa Overlooka 7.8 mile out-and-back walk that allowed plenty of time for some much-needed girl talk.

What's great about this hike is that even though it's steps away from the hustle of the city, it feels like you have this secluded canyon all to yourself. The first mile of the trail winds upwards through a lush landscape of arching trees and green ivy. Then, a dusty fire road takes you through sunny meadows until you reach the top of the outlook, where we sat on the bench and ate a sandwich, taking in the hazy view that stretched across the city all the way to the ocean, before retracing our steps back down.

The change of scenery, the fresh air, the vigorous walk, the company of a good friendgosh, it did me some good that day. It was a highlight in an otherwise dark time, and it meant a great deal to me. Thanks, Em.

Topanga State Park
575 Los Liones Drive | Pacific Palisades, CA

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