July 25, 2013

A new perspective

I am back in Southern California, and as my lack of posts would indicate, I failed miserably at blogging while on vacation. I was doing so well, but as the days went on, I found myself losing interest in the internet.

I disconnected, and you know what? It felt like the good old daysremember the time before iPhones?and I found myself interacting with the world around me, feeling zero obligation to document it or turn away to find out what all my friends were doing. I was enjoying my time in France without wondering in the back of my head if I was experiencing a "blog-worthy" moment. I was just...living. Very French, non?

The experience was refreshing, empowering, wonderful.  I love how traveling gives you a whole new outlook on lifeisn't that the whole point of getting away in the first place?


Linda said...

I just re-read the posts from France, Absolutely wonderful and as much as I enjoyed them, I'm glad you enjoyed your trip and lived in the moment! thanks for sharing!

Yvonne said...

Thanks for reading!