January 7, 2013

The Food Lover's Cleanse

When it comes to diet "cleanses," I am not a fan. I've never understood how subsiding on nothing but lemon-cayenne water could be good for you—or anything other than miserable. Being healthy shouldn't feel like punishment.

But after an insanely indulgent holiday season of dessert after every meal—even after a breakfast of cookies—I started to reconsider. And after reading about the Food Lover's Cleanse in the latest issue of Bon Appetit over a white-chocolate dipped biscotti, I thought, this is a cleanse I can support. It's a two week menu of wholesome, home-cooked meals filled with whole grains, lean protein, good fats, tons of fruits and veggies—you know, the stuff you're supposed to be eating all the time.

After doing the grocery shopping for the first week, I know I won't be hungry. In fact, I am nervous about how I am going to eat all this produce—I feel like I could feed a rabbit army here. The menu is also a bit labor-intensive, and some of the ingredients a little too fancy (skipped those!) but I am going to pare it down and do the best I can.

I am starting today and will post my progress on the Navy St. Facebook and Twitter pages over the next two weeks if you want to follow along. Wish me luck!

(Photos via bonappetit.com)


Swazzy Girl said...

The food images look delicious! With your cooking skill, I know you will come up with creative menu that work for you. I will be following your progress. Good job on your blog!
- Lilia :)

Yvonne said...

Thanks Lilia. No thai food for me this week!

Alyssa said...

Love the new blog! Miss you!!! You have yourself a jersey reader!! Xo

Yvonne said...

Nice to hear from you Alyssa. Thanks so much for reading!