January 8, 2013

Venice Canals

It's well-known that Venice takes its name from Venice, Italy, whose canals inspired Abbott Kinney to create a new Venice by the sea. But it's definitely its own thing now.

On a crisp Friday afternoon, I had the place nearly to myself. I was taken by the architecturea mix of modern, Spanish, bungalow and funkyand tried to capture a little bit of everyday life here. I peeked into backyards and picture windows and into rowboats that the locals use for getting around or just an evening cruise.

It's nice knowing there's this little "Italian" gem right in my neighborhood, no planes required.
Venice Canals
Accessible by Venice or Washington Blvds., near Dell Ave. | Venice, CA


Unknown said...

I didn't realize they existed and I've been in LA for 5 years! I will definitely make my way down there.

Yvonne said...

You would never know this was here by walking on the Venice boardwalk! But it is just a few blocks away!

Willy The Prince said...