June 14, 2013

Garden refresh

After winter, my deck and flowers were in sorry shape. Spring had come, and it was time to clean up and start over.

Gardening stores are wonderful places, but they can be overwhelming by all of the choices. I spent a few afternoons wandering around a few without buying a single thing. You know how it's hard to decorate a living room without having a couch first? Well, it wasn't until I picked up some fancy-leaved geraniums at the Arboretum that I finally figured out how to set up my garden this year.

The geraniums had pink and red flowers and quirky, multicolored leaves. I really wanted them to stand out, so for the rest of the flowers, I stuck with a soothing palette of purples, whites and greens to offer a nice contrast. Knowing that my deck receives partial sun, I was able to narrow down the flower selection significantly: I chose alyssum, blue brachycome, lobelia, calibrachoa, bacopa and petunias for the flower beds. Then, I planted some herbsrosemary, chives, thyme, basil and sagein small pots to bring in some green.

Six weeks later, and the deck looks amazing! (Even the succulents are still alive!) I am so happy with it. We are definitely ready for some outdoor dining. Want to come over?

1 comment:

Willy The Prince said...

SUPER Jealous. You did a great job. I dream of my own little piece of outside to decorate one day.