June 10, 2013

Paradise Creek at Sequoia National Park

What do you do when it's 108 degrees outside?

That was the question Dan and I faced after heading up north to Visalia this weekend for our niece Michela's 4th birthday. The party didn't start until 5, and although it seemed completely reasonable to spend the entire day indoors basking in the air conditioning, we came up with an even better idea: Let's go swimming!

An ordinary concrete pool wouldn't do. We drove an hour to Sequoia National Park, home to some of the biggest trees in the world, and found ourselves a natural swimming hole. Starting at Hospital Rock, we walked alongside the Kaweah River to the Buckeye Flats Campground, where we followed a short trail leading up to a series of pools and cascades perfect for a dip.

Hot and sticky by the time we rolled up to our destination, Dan jumped right in the pool; the frigid cold water nearly knocked the wind out of him. Sitting in the shallow end was enough for me; any deeper and my skin would be covered in goose bumps. We engaged in friendly conversation with the other swimmers, ate sandwiches, napped and read under the shade, all while enjoying the soothing sounds and breeze from the waterfall. Feeling so content, I almost forgot how hot it really was.

We stopped at Reimer's on the way back to cool off with some homemade ice cream cones. After lounging in the sun for hours, my peaches and cream cone tasted like a piece of heaven. It was the perfect appetizer for birthday cake.

Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park
Generals Highway | Sequoia National Park, CA |  559.565.3341
Great directions here for getting to the swimming hole.

Reimer's Candies & Gifts
42375 Sierra Drive (Highway 198) | Three Rivers, CA | 559.561.4576

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Squeen said...

Not "some" of the biggest trees in the world -- THE biggest trees in the world!