January 25, 2013

Food Lover's Cleanse: A recap

I did it! I am proud to say that I completed the Bon Appetit Food Lover's Cleanse. Thanks for everyone who supported me along the way. Here's what I took away from the experience:

  • I had fun experimenting with new-to-me ingredients such as quinoa, sake and hemp seeds.
  • I learned some new techniques. Oatmeal made on the stove top is supremely better than heating it up in the microwave. And roasting chicken with a little garlic and salt under the skin makes the meat so tasty.
  • As a tried and true cereal girl, it was fun to have so much variety in the morning. Who knew I liked smoked salmon?
  • I got a lot of ideas for healthy snack options. Pear drizzled with goat cheese and honey?
  • I rarely felt hungry.
  • I never felt bloated or gross.
  • I lost 2 pounds!
  • The dinners were often too much work for a weeknight, after a full day in the office. Sometimes I was cooking for an hour, or it just got hectic making all those side dishes.
  • Considering all the work involved, some of the meals were a bit bland, and there were too many plain green salads for lunch.
  • The amount of prep work was intense. Most mornings, I was often cutting up this or marinating that to save me time later. It wasn't hard, but it sucked up a big part of my day.
  • For every meal, I dirtied twice as many dishes as usual. Dan, who usually does the dishes, reminded me of this fact every night.
  • Going to parties where I couldn't eat anything was tough.
Would I do it again? Maybe. Right now, I am happy to be back to eating what I want. This cleanse reminded me how much my body likes to be fed right. So I am going to try to stick to a similar routine for the work week (with much easier dinners/fewer dishes) and save the fun foods and dessert for the weekends and vacations. Lucky for me, the weekend starts today!

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Unknown said...

I always WANT to do one of these, but liking running a marathon, I never get around to actually doing it. Kudos for sticking with it for two weeks!